Free Gavel 3D Model for Cinema 4D

Download this free 3D model of a gavel for Cinema 4D. This model could be used in imagery for a law firm, courthouse, or auctioneer. Television stations could also utilize this 3D model for on-air graphics. Achieving the perfect angle is easy with this model. This could be integrated on your website today [...]

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DisplayPress Welcome Video

An animation of the DisplayPress welcome video that is displayed when initially enabled on Info2Go's Digital out of Home network. This animation was created with Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. Music: PIMO - Supamusic

Migrating from 3ds Max to Cinema 4D

I have always been an avid user of Autodesk's 3ds max software. With that I was always a Microsoft Windows kinda guy. All that changed when I got my first MacBook Pro. I absolutely fell in love with the operating system and hardware. I began to explore different 3D modeling [...]

FlyBoy Adventures

It's finally here! In 2009, I began working with some talented people at Flying Hippo on an iPhone game called FlyBoy. It's a 3D style free-fall game and the object is to maneuver the player (Flyboy) throughout these wildly styled levels without getting killed. The unique part of the game [...]

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