Free Gavel 3D Model for Cinema 4D

Download this free 3D model of a gavel for Cinema 4D. This model could be used in imagery for a law firm, courthouse, or auctioneer. Television stations could also utilize this 3D model for on-air graphics. Achieving the perfect angle is easy with this model. This could be integrated on your website today [...]

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Migrating from 3ds Max to Cinema 4D

I have always been an avid user of Autodesk's 3ds max software. With that I was always a Microsoft Windows kinda guy. All that changed when I got my first MacBook Pro. I absolutely fell in love with the operating system and hardware. I began to explore different 3D modeling [...]

3D Camera Tracking Demo

Lately I've been learning about camera tracking. Camera tracking is basically taking video footage (this could be real-life video or animation) and importing it into 3rd party software which tracks particular elements in the scene in order to generate a 3-dimensional space. The space is computed and can be imported [...]

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